Codechef's T-Shirt

What I should do to get codechef’s T-Shirt?

Practice, practice and practice a lot so that you can compete well and earn one for yourself!


1 more way to get a CC T-shirt is to contribute nicely in the forums…the top 5 contributors every month get a CC Discuss T-shirt…:slight_smile:

P.S.: have got 2…:wink:


if you manage to get a rank under 20 in long contest or under 10 in cook-off (short contest) in your country or in world, or become one of the top 5 contributor of the month then u will get a codechef T-shirt. However, you should participate in the contests for learning purpose and not for getting reward.


@hasp,i think you will definitely get answer to your question if you go through following links,

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Get a rank under 20 in long contest or under 10 in short contest in your country or in world.

Personally, I like the idea of giving away T-shirts for performing well at a contest. Winners finally get the tangible feeling of having been outstanding in a virtual and global contest.

However, I don’t think that breaking promises, especially by not responding to mails, is a dignified way to award the winners. There are many participants, including me, who haven’t received any T-shirts from Codechef.

By now I should have gotten ~5 T-shirts due to my adequate performances at the monthly Codechef Lunchtime contests, but none of them have arrived yet. I sent the admins dozens of mails, however, the mail that always followed was not a response to my mail, but one of their “You won a goodie” template due to the next goodie I won by then. I always consider those mails as nothing but UTF-8 characters now.


Are Tshirts also given by codechef to winners of contest not hosted by codechef??

In what competitions can I get it?

For your answer, you can get it in Long Challenges, if you are in top few ranker. But as a suggestion, if its just your motivation to code well then this is fine otherwise important is coding and rewards are secondary thing :slight_smile: Best Wishes

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When and how do you get the T-shirts? I think i’ll get one for October.

You will be e-mailed about this matter


@kuruma thanks. You must be having like a ton of code chef t-shirts by now

@kcahdog, Around a dozen or so yes xD

@all I have one too :wink: , just be a nice contributor and post MEANINGFUL posts, don’t just die for being on the list of top contributors, be specific, precise and nice to everyone, you will also get one.

Hey gdisastery, We regret the inconvenience. We will check the status of all your missing goodies and will get back to via email by the end of today.

@admin, I am also missing a few T-shirts. I sent a mail ( to ) but I have not got a reply. I should get 3 T-Shirts for being in the top 20 for FEB15, MARCH15 and APRIL15.

Hey arun_as, Your email has been replied. Kindly check in your inbox, it should be there. Kindly reply accordingly.

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I have the same unfortunate experience as gdisastery1. I have won several T-shirts (for June Challenge 2014, July Challenge 2014, February Challenge 2015) and have never seen any of them. I have contacted CodeChef staff several times. I received a reply just once (more than 6 months ago) - saying that they will send them “soon” :-/. I haven’t received any response for my other emails :-(.

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