CodeCraft IIIT Hyderabad(Programming Contest)


I am happy to extend you to the invitation to participate in annual programming contest of IIIT Hyderabad. It’s an ACM style programming contest, except that it’s for individuals and not teams.
Problems set and tested by an awesome team consisting of 6 ACM ICPC onsite winners. That in itself is an assurance of how good the problem set would be. Apart from that, I can personally assure you that some of the problems will turn out to be really interesting for the Indian programmers.

Note that difficulty level spans a wide spectrum and not just experienced coders but newbies can also learn a lot!

Detailed editorials will be available after the contest.

You will have a chance to devour some really nice(hopefully!) problems. I think considering the wide difficulty levels in problems everyone will find some interesting/challenging problems to solve.

It begins on 25th Jan, 2015 at 1400 IST.
To see time in other time zones:
Visit for rules.
Register here:
Join facebook event page here for further notifications:
Also, there will be some attractive prizes for winners(to be announced soon).
Update: Prizes worth INR 20k/-.

By the way, here’s the leaderboard for last years contest:

Happy Coding!

Contributors(setters and testers):

UPD1: Prizes worth 20,000 INR to be won.
UPD2: Here is the contest link:
Like all good things, this one must come to an end as well. Yet another successful CodeCraft comes to an end.
With 2982 submissions, this was one of the most prolific editions of CodeCraft!
tourist wins CodeCraft '15 with 10 correct solutions.
anta comes a close 2nd, also with 10 accepted solutions.
natsugiri comes 3rd with 9 submissions.
Here’s the link to the scoreboard:

Just like last year, 1 problem went unsolved. But, we’ll be accepting solutions for the next 48 hours, in case you want to try out the problems at your pace.
Editorials will be released in a day or two.
Hope you enjoyed the event. See you next year!


Where will you be posting the editorials for the problems?