CodeDrills Beta Contest #3 [Team Contest] Announcement

Hello Codechef!
CodeDrills will be hosting its first team contest CodeDrills Beta Contest #3 on Sunday, 7th March, 2021 9:00 PM — 10:30 PM IST. There will be 4 or 5 problems to be solved in 1.5 hours.

Contest Details

You will need to create a team on the contest page in order to participate. Team size can be upto 3. While creating the team, add the registered emails of other users to invite them to join your team. They will get an invite email, ask them to accept. For more details on team registration, refer this guide.

I hope you will enjoy solving the problems.
Hope to see you participating!!!


Reminder to register for the contest! You wont be able to register after the contest starts hence please register before 9 PM IST.

Reminder: Contest starts in 30 minutes.

Editorials are out!