Codeforces DP video editorials of problems rated 1700 and above

Hello guys this is CodeNCode and here is the list of dynamic programming video editorials i made for codeforces problems

  1. Caesar’s Legion | Rated 1800
  2. Flowers | Rated 1700
  3. Longest Regular Bracket Sequence | Rated 1900
  4. Let’s Go Rolling | Rated 1800

If you are a beginner you probably wanna start from here :
Dynamic Programming Course Part 1

I will be keep adding more videos.
Your suggestion and support is is needed for this channel to grow.
Thank you for your precious time and wish you a good day.


I have turned on notifications for your channel when i subscribed you.
And i have to say you are more active in recent times.

You are doing a great job for this community.
Thank you a lot bhaiyya!

You’re most welcome :metal: .