Codeforces Hack Counter

I have developed a web app that counts the total no. of times hacked, total no. of successful hacking attempts, total no. of unsuccessful hacking attempts and total no. of hacking attempts in all coding contests on Codeforces of a given user handle.

Web App:

GitHub Repo:


It is showing my number of successful hacking attempts as 0, but i remember having atleast 4 successful hacks… are you considering the 12 hour phase hacks?

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I am sure that all contest hacks are counted.

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That’s weird then :no_mouth:

Please send link of contests or your hacks if you find them.

I had some hacks in this
Although I was participating out of competition in that one, so not a part of official rank list. Maybe that could be a reason?

The app counts hacks from official standings of contests.

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I don’t know where you have hosted it but the webapp is too damn slow.
If you have made it to get familiar with using an api then it’s fine otherwise I don’t see it helping me in anyway or solving anyone’s problem :slight_smile: