Codeforces Laddus

I recently got an email from Codechef:

Dear airamc,

Greetings from CodeChef!

This is to inform you that we have credited CodeChef laddus in your CodeChef account. The details of the same are given below:

Laddus credited: 100
Reason: LTIME94 - First to solve Problem - MKSMEVN

You now can go through the goodies listed on the website and order any goodie of your choice. You can also check the total number of laddus in your account by logging into the goodies website.

We hope you will like the goodies ( that we have listed. If you have any suggestions for the new goodies, kindly let us know and we will try and list it on the website. Enjoy your laddus. Let the shopping begin.

PS: We suggest you to go through our Terms & Conditions (Terms & Conditions | CodeChef Goodies) thoroughly to clear all your doubt regarding your account, the goodies, their shipping, etc. Still if you have any concerns or queries regarding the goodies or your laddus you can always write to us at:

Happy Coding!

Neha Kakkoth
Team CodeChef

Why did they all of a sudden give me laddus from an old contest from a while ago?

That’s how it works here. In fact, you got your laddus pretty quick, I got laddus for a year-old contest last week.


didn’t receive my laddus from December 2020 challenge yet