Codeforces progress comparator

I like to compare my growth with my fellow coders. I was searching for a graph comparator for codeforces. I didn’t found one so i made a graph comparator for different user of codeforces. You can add any number of user one by one and see the graph on a single plane.
Here is the link to my tool i hope you may like it


How you have made this that how you access the data.

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It’s awesome. :heart_eyes:

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Codeforces provide variaty of api through which you can get many informatio related to user

Thanks for your support. Right now i am working on adding new features in website you can suggest

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Its great :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hey I wanna help you with the design but i m not familiar with Bulma CSS. If you can avoid use of that, I would really love to contribute to this project.

Hey. I’d like to suggest a few features-

  1. Pressing enter to add a new handle.
  2. A way to add multiple handles with a single click so that we can make a list of all handles we care about and then we can just paste it into the tool instead of typing every handle each time we visit. Maybe allow us to type comma separated handles or something.
  3. Maybe show a list of all handles that are currently added and give us the option to remove any currently added user.

@akshay181998 Can you please share your github profile link.

To be honest it wont be that difficult for you if you worked on any css framework.
I am working on some additional features for it and you can free to help

Sure i will add this features on next update

It is not working

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It is not difficult but just that you are restricted to using some ugly features provided by respective framework. And i just love to create custom designs.

Thanks its really good especially the fact that dates are provided for each contest.

My only suggestion would be the colors. (It would be better to keep them closer to the actual CF website)

I forked and made some changes in designs and added some functionalities( Adding multiple users in a single query, Notifications instead of Alerts, Form added to capture enter key)

You can find it here

Pardon me but i didn’t get what you said

I like your work but there is one issue you removed the color of the regions and i think that is imp part if you ask me

Not an issue…bro…i think i have just commented it, let me check

i recolured and made a pull request