Codeforces Round #633 (Div. 2) -A

unable to understand the question!

can somebody please explain the question more clearly.

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hope this helps
obsreve that wherever you put vertical diamond at some point, all other places are uniquely placed by horizontal diamonds . draw combi by yourself then you will get it


The editorial is posted here Codeforces round 633 editorial
All the diamonds cannot be placed vertically, otherwise blank spaces will be left. Only one diamond can to be placed vertically. Due to this diamond, all other places can be occupied by placing the diamonds in lateral manner. So the answer depends on how many places can the vertical diamond occupy such that no empty place is left after placing other diamonds. In one arrangement, only one diamond can be placed vertically. It has n places to do so. By principle of addition, the answer will be n. Hence the answer is n for each test case.

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