Codeforces The Movie: The Contest

Hello Everyone,

Inspired by BlueDiamond’s Codeforces The Movie, I had made two short films Codechef The Movie and now I present to you, Codeforces The Movie: The Contest.


I made this on a whim so it may not be my best work but it took a lot of time and efforts so please don’t dislike without watching, more such incoming on the way, my friends and I are planning to make a short film and a comic on CP as well.

Stay Tuned for more.

Thank You!


Stuck on A is me I think :rofl:

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Everyone been there :rofl:

It seems to be ironic to me, as you are 4* here, hmmm… :new_moon_with_face:

5 vro 5 (max)

Waah bhamiya full predictionbaazi !

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Yes kissing 5* two times, gg

One who are spending more time reading CF blogs then Solving Problems…

Hey Hitesh, was that a shot at me? xD
I know you have a YouTube Channel and are working hard but I do what I enjoy and I enjoy making short films more than solving problems to be honest.
Follow your dreams, dawg.
All the best for your channel, I still remember you had your first video which got really popular was about people putting codechef solutions online, you have come so far.

No Bro, that was not on You , that was for myslef :joy: …You must be knowing how much interesting CF Blogs are , these days…
CF is the New CC.

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True :rofl: