I would like to share ‘CodeHorizon’ with the CodeChef community. CodeHorizon helps coders like us to keep track of algorithm contests on sites like CodeChef, CodeForces, HackerEarth, HackerRank, TopCoder and few others. You’ll be able to view list of all the ongoing and upcoming contests on these sites, and receive notifications for upcoming contests while being online or offline.

Currently the app is available for iOS devices, and the android version will be available soon.

App Site :

ITunes link :

I hope this app is of some help. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on making the app a bit more useful.


Thank you very much! For let us know about it. @maverick_xiii

@maverick_xiii ,

Thanks for sharing. I definitely think it’s convenient to have a single source that aggregates some of the events on the “coding horizon”, and I look forward to using this. One thing I did notice though is that although CodeForces is listed as one of the platforms the app is supposed to inform the user about I didn’t see a single CodeForces competition on the “Upcoming” list. This is kind of problematic considering I know that CodeForces Round #279 is scheduled for November 23. I wanted to go ahead and post here and see what you had to say before reporting it as a bug. Overall great work though!

Thank you. I had a look into the problem you mentioned and found that the event is not listed on HackerRank’s Calendar. The thing is the app fetches data from rss maintained by HackerRank here - calendar Singh - calendar | HackerRank , so unless an event is mentioned there I won’t be able to display it inside the app. And the problem might be that CodeForces round #279 was declared recently, which might not have given the folks at HackerRank enough time to update it.

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