CodeNation : CodeAgon 2020 Results & Interview call

Has anyone got a mail or heard from CodeNation about the Hiring from Codeagon 2020?
Till what rank the called?

If yes please share your experience

Latest Placement Application Direct Link-LINK

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Yes I received the mail many days back , my rank was 237 , but I was not eligible for internship because I am from 2023 batch

@kasparovian Where are ranks shown up or is it that it was given in the mail sent to you?

sad :frowning_face:,
btw where do you practise dsa and all for CP??

check the page on interview bit, ig its there, leaderboards

bro i am also from 2023 batch give me some tips bro :slightly_smiling_face:

I generally practice on codeforces

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Mail was just asking about resume right?


How many problems did you solve out of 6 ??