Codenation Test Questions jul 15, 2019 topic 1.3

In continue to topic 1.2

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Do you have screenshot of the first question or can you tell what the first question was about?

sharing it in new issue. last night it didnt allow me to create a new one in next 24hr. so wait

How did you get to know about this contest ? I mean was it a public or private contest ?

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cool!! Some post sols please!!


Here is a possible solution to the problem Elys with Matrix.
This is an O(NlogN) solution. This is because it stores data in a set which uses log N for storage and retrieval.
Here N will be m*n as it is 10^5.
Kindly share your thoughts and any possible corrections to the solution.

#define ll long long 
using namespace std ; 

int main()
	set <ll> occurance ;
	ll m, n ;
	cin >> m >> n ; 
	ll matrix[m][n] ;
	ll pos, length = 0 ;

	for(ll i =0 ; i < m ; i++)
		for(ll j = 0 ; j < n; j++)
			cin >> matrix[i][j] ;
			occurance.insert(matrix[i][j]) ;
	auto first = occurance.begin() ;
	ll num ;

	for(ll i = 0 ; i < m ; i++)
		for(ll j = 0 ; j < n ; j++)
			auto last = occurance.find(matrix[i][j]) ;
			// cout << "last -- > " << *last << endl;
			num = distance(first, last) + 1 ;
			// cout << "distance --> " << num << endl;
			matrix[i][j] = num ;

	for(ll i = 0 ; i< m ; i++)
		for(ll j = 0 ; j < n; j++)
			cout << matrix[i][j] << " " ;
		cout << endl;


The output for
2 7
3 2
must be
1 2
2 1

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thats right this is the right sol to ur input

No @stark517 is right

Dude, yesterday I submitted code following same approach as yours. In fact, after the test, I had a talk with all of my friends who participated and everybody did pretty much the same. It passed only 5/13 test cases.
Rank should be minimized and if you observe carefully,
1 2
2 1
satisfies all the given criteria : Larger number has larger rank, smaller number has smaller rank, equal numbers having same row/column number can have same rank(not applicable in this example though)


Okay! Maybe now when I look it like this, I see the error.
Thanks !!

It was off campus hence any one could participate…check code nations fb page for further updates. test rescheduled on 21st I guess.

Here is A possible slution to Elys With matrtix:

m,n=[int(x) for x in input().split()]
for i in range (m):
    x = list(map(int, input("Enter a multiple value: ").split()))
for i in range (m):
    for j in s:
for l in range (len(f)):
    for i in range (m):
        for j in range (n):
            if matrix[i][j]==f[l]:


@vijju123 peep into these ques too. thnx

I think this should work-

Firstly assign ranks from 1 like @ghostbug did.

Iterate to (i,j) in order of increasing rank ,r :
NewRank(i,j) = max(max element in row less than r,max element in column less than r)+1


I was discussing this question with @taran_1407 and we both agreed that it is dp + bitmask.

His solution is better and clearer than mine so I’d tag him to explain. Essentially he made states as dp[mask] = Number of teams which can be formed if people are chosen according to mask (‘1’ means that person is chosen, ‘0’ means not chosen)

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I couldn’t login to the test that day but here is my solution for Project Allocation . A short explanation is dp[i][j][k] where maximum groups till ith person with current status as j and k = 0 => no single group yet, 1 => one single group.

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