[Coder's Calendar] Firefox and Chrome extension for Competitive Programming


Hi all,
We all know how difficult it is to be aware of the different coding competitions taking place on various websites,so I’ve made an add-on(extension) both in chrome and firefox to make this task easy.

  • Updates from Codechef,HackerEarth,Hackerrank,Topcoder,Codeforces
  • Add to google calendar feature.

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Coder’s Calendar is available for download at:

Found any bugs? Have any suggestions to make this project better? Know any other cool coding sites?
Do comment about it.
Happy Coding!

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Hi, your works are simple superb (y)

Awesome job.Thank you.

One suggestion, you may add a hover over for each of the sites. That would surely help the rookies :slight_smile:

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really nice job. Thanks for it really needed it

Hi everyone,

Here is one more extension for chrome for coding competition datesand timings which is very useful and it is really awesome


Would you please add Option to select time zones, and change the default timezone to the one OS set to, instead of Indian timezone ?

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Excellent work!!

Some good extension here in the thread, Thanks for sharing.

Great job.Needed one like this.

there is already an extension for this purpose on chrome webstore…and it supports much more sites than this extension…click here to download it…

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If we click it two times, it should close. I will suggest if you can do this it will be better.

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Terima kasih dan salam kenal.
codechef Link

code Link

Wow, this is amazing!

can you make it possible that we can view brief info about the event in the android app? so that we can now what type of contest or hackathon it is thanks!

Thank You!

like hover and show the name of the website?

Thank you!

@nishant_v Yes. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. :slight_smile:

OK.I’ll add it in the next update (y).

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