CodeRush Contest Announcement | ACM Style | IGNITE 7.0 | Codechef IITGN Chapter

Hola Coders!

We invite you to participate in CodeRush, a 3-hour long competitive programming contest that tests your algorithmic, data structures, and problem-solving skills. This event is organized as a part of IGNITE 7.0, the annual intra-college technical fest of IIT Gandhinagar, in collaboration with GRASP, the CodeChef IIT Gandhinagar Chapter.

Registration Link:

Date: 29/03/2021

Time: 21:00 - 00:00 IST (3 hours)

Contest page:

Setters: kishen1912000, alphatron99, karthikeya619, amey27, nebulous_blood

Prizes: Total prize pool of Rs. 12000

Please checkout the rulebook for more details.