Has anybody any information regarding Codevita 2019 Interview Schedule?

I was selected for the Digital Profile last year after getting a decent rank in Codevita Round I. Interview usually happens within a week of announcement of Codevita results.

What type of question they ask in interview?

Totally depends upon the interviewer. For Digital Profile they may ask you some easy-medium algorithmic problems, questions from projects you have made and if you mention that they you have worked on some modern technology like AI/ML they may ask you question on that.

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How did you get information of your date of interview?

If you or your friend have problem statement of zone 2 question please send on given mail

I participated in zone 2 do you have a complete schedule of interview could you please share?

Could you please share your interview date email? i you dont mind i will share all the 6 questions of my set.

Check your mail. Thanks

Bro please send question zone 2 i am waiting for your response