Codevita 2020 results

Hey, so i solved 3 questions in this years codevita and i still didnt qualify ? in one question i took help from an old post on leetcode and i submitted the answer with the proper attribution to that post. Did i get disqualified for plagiarism?I’m really confused right now as guys who solved one question are qualified !!

Yup you got trapped by false plagiarism and they won’t even listen to your appeal, so can’t do anything about this.


Same happened with me. Is there any way if we are disqualified due to palgiarism than with which code we have been palgiarised.?


That’s why It was suggested by other fellow coders that do not copy from gfg/leetcode etc even if you do then don’t give attribution and completely change the code.

TCS just try to make fool of everyone by saying that giving proper attribution won’t affect the participants in plagiarism check while in reality, it will.


yaa i really shouldn’t have … it would have been better if i had just changed the code a bit . ahh sucks

That’s why you should rewrite the entire solution after understanding the logic. I did the same for 3 Palindrome question and didn’t get disqualified by plagiarism. I didn’t even give any attribution as I also changed the way the same logic is implemented. I always had doubt how that attribution thing work and if it even works because I couldn’t think of any plausible methodology. It was mentioned in multiple YouTube videos about the same… especially in TakeUForward channel.

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Same happened to me. LOL :sweat_smile:

who ever got the rank means he/she is qualified?

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But I took a piece of code from gfg and put the attribution for the same… I didn’t get disqualified though,…

Process is rigged everybody knows that, lucky you that you got a rank but I wouldn’t want to take such risks.