Codevita candidates will not be allowed for TCS drive via NQT

From whom did you got this mail?

From the HR.

Ohh :grimacing:. This is so confusing. So, Basically we can give nqt to upgrade it to Digital, right? But why all the a candidates are not receiving it?

But how will you apply for NQT? @jatin8898. Are you getting an option of ‘Apply for drive’ in your NextStep portal?

no i am not getting any option of apply for drive in nextstep portal.

Hey, was this a reply to a previous mail you sent to the HR or did the email come by itself?

There is a difference between TCS NQT Digital and TCS NQT Ninja. How can we use NQT ninja to upgrade? TCS NQT Digital only visit campuses which are premium partners of TCS. TCS NQT Digital test was on 3-4th October.

it come by itself.

This time, you have to apply to NQT from TCS ION webiste portal and not NextStep. Find the link here:

I also got ninja offer.
Can we register on both iON and Next Step with our different mail iD?
Many of my friends did that.

The toppers in TCS NQT gets a chance to apply for Digital again.

Bro, you can get digital or ninja profile through NQT based on your NQT score + interview performance.

You have to apply on both tcsion and NextStep portal.

I am selected for Ninja profile but not getting apply for drive option on next step portal.
what should I do please suggest.

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Yeah, Same here. Some are saying to create a new mail and apply. While few who want to upgrade to digital saying to share prev. reference ID. But not knowing exactly, how to apply.

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Their are many students who got Ninja profile …please suggest how you applied for NQT and using new email id is ok or not??

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I got the response mail today. It said:
"Dear Candidate,

You can register for NQT and create a new TCS Application form at TCS Next Step Portal."

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Does that mean we have to register using at next step portal using a new email id ???

@nitin_19520 should i create new account again on next step

Yeah, I think so. I am registering with a different mail id myself.

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