Codevita experience - MUST READ

Maal Laya h …rokda dena padega (kachra seth ke style me) , me mere samsuuung ke mobile se aryan ko bulata hu…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


That chemical composition can be simply googled by him​:rofl::joy:


Today I faced the same problem and at last they said you may leave lol TCS sucks

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I would have replied:- Sir I guess we don’t need need PCM for data-entry jobs. Thankyou :slight_smile:


Is this board ke exams :joy::joy::joy:


TCS Interviewer - Nikal phli fursat me nikal …


Now, I am happy not being shortlisted despite solving 4/6 questions XD

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Plag me fast gye… Shayad

you got in the ranklist?

Kya Matlab…tumhara name list me tha ya nhi…

i meant,
did you give the codevita interview?

Yes…I gave (20 char)

say to them right in the face and leave :sunglasses:

TCS doesn’t care if you were selected through codevita or NQT, they will randomly give projects. i know a girl in tcs who came from codevita and she is being trained in window server administration :frowning:

so choose wisely who will be your first employer :slight_smile:


thats TCS no wonder :laughing:.

Interviewer was high on weed


is TCS hiring for class 10th science teacher LOL :rofl::rofl:


True… most of the companies put you wherever the requirement is, not thinking about your capabilities.


I too experienced similar thing. Interviewer told me to write down the code I solved during Codevita exam. I asked them to provide me with the question but their reply was “Beta question nikalna padega”. I tried to write something but since I didn’t clearly remember the question nor the testcases so I asked them again but they turned me down. After that I gave up and told them I cannot write the code without reading the question. Then she asked me 3 questions related to dbms to which I answered only 1 and then she asked me about null pointer and void pointer which I was able to answer them correctly. Then she told me to go. I told her to ask questions related to data structure but she told you’ll get chance in another company but after requesting she gave a weird pattern question which I was unale to solve. Even before the interview, My slot was of 2p.m but I was interviewed at 9:30p.m. and that too when I questioned the H.R that I haven’t been interviewed then she went inside and returned with my application form and told me you are already interviewed and you may go to which I gave my explanation. Horrible experience and management I must say.


What they actually said is “you can leave for the day”. I was there when this whole mess is happening.
Technical: why you want to join tcs?
Me: Noida is near to my home town.
Technical: tell me about tcs?
Me: don’t know anything.

Selected for hr round​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: