Codevita experience - MUST READ

Ok if u want to know the experience listen then …!!!

me :May I come in sir ???
interviewer : plz wait outside for 5 min ,we will call u …!!

After 5 min ,they called me …

interviewer : plz have a seat
me : thanku sir
interviewer : introduce urself ??
me : : blah blah blah …
interviewer : Okk what is centrifugal force …??
me : WTF ,but somehow recalled and replied
interviewer : OKK if a body is revolving around an axis and at the same time rotating about its
own axis ,what are the forces the body may experience …
me : I told whatever I was able to recall ,but he seemed to be unsatisfied
interviewer : In the above question ,what will be the trajectory of the body if its revolving and
rotating and that too with reason and mathematical formulas like F=ma in that
me : speechless ,what to speak in this ,I was totally blank ,I took few minutes to recall but
all in vain ,again he was not satisfied …!!!

while I was thinking about the solution he was going thru my mark sheets and all other documents

after few minutes

interviewer : okk how is ur chemistry …??
me : sir,better than physics.
interviewer : what things u studied in chemistry in class X!!
me : I was knowing all chapter names So I started telling the names of chapters like first
was solid state,solution,electrochemistry,chemical kinetics ,surface chemistry
,metallurgy,p block ,d & f block,coordination compounds, haloalkanes and haloarenes,
alcohols and ethers ,aldehydes ketones and carboxylic acid, proteins and vitamins ,
polymers ,chem in everyday life .
interviewer : This time he was somewhat excited ,like how I knew all chapter names but he didn’t
react to it…!!!
interviewer : okk then ,forget that tell me what are ur thoughts about CaCO3 (calcium carbonate)
me : told whatever I knew
interviewer : what happens when oxidation of CaCO3 takes place
me : recalled smthing ,but all in vain …??
interviewer : why CaC03 is stable ??
me : told smthing like (ca)2+ and (CO3)2- and etc…
interviewer : what are orbitals and explain above things wrt that ??
me : told smthng don’t know what i spoke …

meanwhile he was going thru my documents …!!!

now after few moments ,he came to maths

interviewer : gave me two func and told to do partial differentiation …??
me : done
interviewer : asked me ques like what is rank ,trace etc
me : I replied few of them

now he came to the first year of study

he asked what were the things u were taught in engg phy ,engg chem and engg maths

me : I recalled smthing and replied , I even took name of class 12 th chapter names as I
was not able to recall much .

then He took name of discrete mathematics ,I said this u can ask

he asked what was in it , i told like the theory part of trees and graphs etc etc

but he did n’t knew anythng about that ,so he didn’t ask anything

then he took name of DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGO ,for which i was waiting since last 45 min
but he again didn’t ask anythng about that ,and I was disappointed

In the end
interviewer : do u want to know anythng
me : is there any requirement of knowing all these things to work in the company and on
what basis u will judge my performance

he gave some reply and I left …!!!

sorry for bad english and typos , I typed it very fast >>>



WTF physics , chemistry math , bro mere pass 5 experience hai bataunga to hasoge…


Seems like they were taking interview for IISC college after kvpy exam.


WTF!.. I would just stand and leave… who tf asks PCM questions in a technical interview…


when you prepare for govt job inside TCS…XD


Ye toh kuch bhi nhi…questions of chemistry and differential math questions were asked for GOldman Sachs online test…to my…she got mad :stuck_out_tongue:


Bhai, Maat ja tcs, you deserve better… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mujko toh kuch bhi mile >=0, mai toh khush huun​:rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::grin::grinning::sweat_smile::smile::smile::sunglasses::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

in aptitude u can expect math questions though …!!!

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Arey but they ask integration also…like wtf…I used to screw up integration a lot during my jee days :frowning:

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Sab milke startup kholte hai…

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Codechef Long ke solutions bechenge Amazon pe 10,000 INR ke​:joy::joy::joy::joy:
@l_returns kya kehte ho?


This is the interesting part. What was his reply ?

You may leave now :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: (MOst reply in TCS interview)


Bhai @aryanc403 ko invite krna mat bhulna , bhai ko rokda mangta h,(Yaad aaya kuch):joy::joy::joy::joy:


10 k Jyada nhi ho gye, :joy::joy::joy:

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Kya kholenege codechef chai wala… LOL :rofl:

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@l_returns I was equally excited as u r to know the answer … but he told that

  1. as u have studied these subjects ,u must know them throughout ur life
  2. as far as need of these subjects in company ,he told that there r certain jobs of data
    scientists where u require knowledge of chemical composition and all that .

tcs interview is like going to solve maths in english exam . wtf is this.

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@aryanc403 Solutions bechne ke liye solutions toh chahiye naa…itna coding nhi aata humlogoko :stuck_out_tongue: .vo humlogo ko Aryan Sir hi provide kar sakte hai​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: