Codevita Interview results

tomorrow everyone will get tcs codevita interview result in the morning.

How do you know @asheesh1234

they announced officially in officially telegram group that they are going to release result tomorrow at 9 am because of both result they were not able to till now.

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Some of my friends already got their interview calls(emails) regarding nqt

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Hey I had my interview on 1st august as mentioned it was a video call kinda interview I had 2 interviews back to back. my first interview went really well and HR was kind of laughing with me and it was really nice. Then after I was finished I was leaving but they called me again for interview for digital profile and that to was a video call kinda one and that too went really great. In both the rounds there were 3 people each and in total 6 people interviewed me. I am waiting for the results.

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Have you received any mail, since it’s already past 9 am.

No, still waiting for it.

Is it exactly today?

Give us the group link.
Post it here.

Had anyone recieved mail?

received no mail till now

No one received mail…

without declaring codevita interview results, how can they call for NQT interviews

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Yeah. Now I am too nervous

Few of my friends received interview mail through NQT.

Is this official message from TCS??

Has tcs declared codevita interview result or not?

It’s too ambiguous when the results will be announced as NQT people already have their interviews.

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Even I got confirmation mail for qualifying TNQT. But still waiting for Codevita interview results. Smh