Codevita Round 1 result declared

TCS declared the result of round 1.
But how to check rank?

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Man the problem is we are not able to log in page isn’t working.

there is nothing buddy…also in campus commune there is only writen that u r quilified nothing else…

i had logged in but there is also nothing like ranks…:smirk::smirk:

Are there any interview rounds for qualified students

No, qualified students (who cleared Round 1) are eligible for Round 2.

But in previous year there were interview rounds after round1

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This is the mail I received form tcs. No mention of interview.
Dear Student,


We are happy to inform that you have successfully cleared CodeVita Season 8 Pre-Qualifier Round 1 and are eligible to appear for CodeVita Season 8 Qualifier Round 2 which will be held sometime in October - December 2019.

You can also log in to Campus Commune Channel to view the above notification.

Thank you for participating and best of luck for Round 2!

Thanks & Regards.
Campus Commune Team
TATA Consultancy Services

i received the same mail too. I think ranks will be disclosed as their platform becomes stable again.

How Much Question you have solved to get Qualified.

I don’t get how the system computes the rankers, as i solved 3 questions completely and a 4th one partially and still didn’t qualify for round 2 while my batch mate who just solved one question(the same question as the one that i solved) qualified for round 2. Any thoughts on this?


which language you used and which language your friend used?

I solved only one question and one was giving TLE.
I got fed up with the contest organizer. Most of the time I was not able to log in and also their online editor due to heavy load showing runtime error. It was pathetic.

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I wish I had participated this year as well :frowning: Will try next year!

why didn’t you registered this year bro :frowning:

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me and my friend we both used C++

As of now, only result is declared. Rank may be declared in few weeks. After that you may get call for interview.

I was being lazy. I regret it now :frowning:

Ranks Are Declared !