@admin @devika31 I have first rank in my college with 540 score in FEBlong challenge 2020. But dsa certificate scolership result shows that my rank is second in college.

What is your username on Codechef?

@admin @devika31 Username : ad__10

The user chetan2424 had changed their institution to Government Engineering College, Bhavnagar, and we had considered the updated institute for the scholarship ranklist, while the contest ranklist still shows their old institute. And they had gotten a higher score than you, and hence your rank is 2.

No. The ranks considered for the scholarship remain the same irrespective of whether others have applied or not.

@admin I have also secured first rank in my college… What is the process to follow for scholarship now?? My username dilipp02

@admin @devika31
Chetan2424 was a fake user.
This was not our college student.

Hi @dilipp02
We do not see your registration in the scholarship form. Could you confirm if you applied?

We will look into this and verify all required details.

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@admin same from my college n_o_1 is a fake account and it doesn’t belong to our college people. Please look into it

Hey @devika31 @admin , No I didn’t… I didn’t see the offer until after the contest was over… I wish I knew about it before 17th. Is there any chance for me to register??

Hi @dilipp02,

I am very sorry but we cant take registrations for the scholarship now.

Okay, will this offer be in next long challenge too??

No, it will not be there in the next long challenge.

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Hey @devika31 @admin,
When will final result of DSA certificate scolership available ?

Lists will be out today