College student appearing in school ranklist.

Although I did not participate in the January Long, when I opened the ranklist and used the School filter in the institution tab, I saw that the first Indian School student was additya1998. However, on opening his profile, I saw that he studies in IIIT-H. But then he should’nt be appearing in the school ranklist. I think that this may be a glitch. @admin , please see into this matter, so that the deserving school students do get the laddus for the top 5 position, as it is the incentive for many codechef students.


This is happening a lot. Lots of people who are not school students are registering as school students even though they are not for getting laddus. For example -


@admin please see.

I think the solution is to ask for the school ID-card and proof just like they did for ICPC for schools.


I have mailed the problem to codechef and I recommend all of you to do the same.

Asking for school ID card might be hard to implement. But what they can do is atleast take action when someone complains.