Color Rating Huge Bug on Codechef

I see that right now the ratings of March Lunchtime and April Long Challenge have been removed. My color is also showing purple right now. What’s happening??


Yes. Same thing. My profile rating was 2111 after April long rating updates. Now, my profile rating shows 2143. But my color is purple and 4 star. @admin please look into the matter ASAP.

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I was literally SHOCKED when i saw it. I was like “WTF! Have they mistakenly penalised me for plagiarism or what? I wrote all codes on codechef ide with so much efforts and now…”

And yes, april long is removed. I think plagiarism issues are the cause.

Additionally, my profile shows me 3 star, but here i am 2 star!!

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Guys the issue is fixed! I am back with my ratings which were updated after april long. The color and star thing is also fixed!

I am affected by this too.
EDIT: The bug is fixed, but @admin can you tell us what happened?

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Lol the star thing fixed itself.

Oh same here. I also thought that I am being penalised for no reason.