Comparators in C++

Hey, I recently got the concept of comparators in C++ in sorting
but i think there is something I didn’t get about it.
See here, my 3 different submissions for the same problem

No Comparator got accepted : Solution: 67594810 | CodeChef

Comparator function got error :

Can anyone please explain me where I am wrong, and what’s the problem in my code;

bool cmp (pii &e1, pii &e2) 
    return (e1.ff <= e2.ff);

Try replacing that with

bool cmp (pii &e1, pii &e2)
    return (e1.ff < e2.ff);

Reason: sorting - sort function C++ segmentation fault - Stack Overflow

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but it will change my logic then
and also i am passing them by reference but still in last testcase it is showing segmentation fault

and sorry i am responding too late :sweat_smile:

The logic remains the same. There is no need to write a separate comparator if your comparator does the same as the default comparator. Here’s an accepted code: Solution: 67771296 | CodeChef