Comparison between Codeforces and CodeChef Competitions

I’ve never did coding in codeforces. I’ve seen many people comparing problems’ difficulty with codeforces DIV 1 or DIV 2 challenges. I just want comparison between problems difficulty level between Codeforces DIV 1,2,3 etc. whatever and CodeChef DIV 1,2.


codechef has more indians and very less foreigners
so if one considers himself very good because he has good rank in codechef…its not good.
there is nothing like global rank in codechef
its just indian rank+some GST
My indian rank in codechef 7500 global rank 10000
but if someone has 7500 indian rank in codeforces he will have global rank of 70000
(since both indian ranks and global ranks in cf consider only recent participants…i think its ok to compare)

but codeforces has huge competition.
so u can find so many 5* coders that are not even specialists
so many 4* that are actually gray and green
and there is huge inflation in codechef
in each long challenge 150+ coders from div2 reach div 1
but only 20-30 fall from div1 to div2
(but someday plag hammer will balance all the inflation …kicking out atleast 30% of coders from div1)


I am assuming that a long challenge and a short contest cannot be compared. So I will try to compare Cook-off/Lunchtime with Codeforces.
Before bifurcating problem quality on the basis of Divisions I want you to get some facts clear,
Codechef’s short challenge have a very high frequency to be unbalanced. There is often a huge gap between the first 3 and the last two problems(Sometimes in the first 2 and last 3 itself). But in codeforces, most of the times the problem set will be interesting as well as balanced.
Codeforces has 6 -7 problems in a round(Except Global rounds and Div3 rounds) while codechef sticks to 5 problems. Also the time in codeforces is less compared to codechef. Codeforces has contests which are generally of 2hrs.
Codeforces Div3 vs Codechef Div2
Div3 problems are easy in codeforces and the first 3 problems can be compared to first 2 problems of cook-off. Then there is a gradual increase in the D problem of codeforces(Div3).E and F are of really good level and can be compared to the second last problem of cook-off.

Codeforces Div2 vs Codechef Div2
A is generally a cakewalk problem.
I would say B,C in codeforces(Div2) are comparable to the second and third problem of cook-off.
And then there is a rise in Difficulty in both the rounds.

Codechef Div1 vs Codeforces Div1
Both the contests are of good level. But again the problem quality and the Test case quality of the problems is on a higher side in codeforces.

Also the number of participants is less in codechef as compared to codeforces.

Also i would like to point out that codechef ratings are inflated. In codeforces it is difficult to increase the ratings. Also there is a difference of around 250-300 in the ratings between codechef and codeforces. For someone who participates regularly on both the platforms. Someone rated 1400 on codeforces will be around 1700-1800 on codechef.


cf div3<cc div2<<cf div2<cc div1<<<<<cf div1

now is it okay @below


This is partially false. cc div2 is clearly harder than cf div3.


well solving all problems in div3 is not easier than solving all problems in cc div2…

I love CodeChef. And I am not from india. Acually, I saw codeforce problem, if we compare the problem quality then both has great problem. But in Codechef problemset, I saw some problems in Medium Catagory which are so easy. But Codechef arrange more contest then Codeforce. So, I love it.

Codechef has 3 contests monthly, while codeforces has around five to six.
How is it more?


Codechef has 3 contest for rating. But there are many contest occurred in a month.
For example in this month so many contest occurred here:
1.Cook a Code
3. ketek[i] QuickMatch 24
4. Code Benders
5. Upgrad IIT Madras ML and Cloud All India Selection Contest
6. Algomaniac Prelims
7. CodeRed
8. Coding Squad
9. ketek[i] QuickMatch 25
10. March Challenge 2020
11. CODIGO 2K20
12. March Cook-Off 2020
13. Code Invicta
14. March Lunchtime 2020
I participate 8 of them including 2 regular contest.

I am 1400+ in Codeforce but 1400 in Codechef.


Both the platforms are awesome. But to be honest, the competition is much much larger in codeforces. Just a small example will clear it all.
Suppose Lunchtime or cookoff is going on codechef. If you observe, even after 5 minutes there are hardly more than 500 submissions here on codechef. But on cf, within 3 minutes, there are more than 2k submissions. As many as 18k-20k people participates in every cf short contest.
Moreover the A problem of cf, can be compared to 2nd question of Codechef(except Div 3 contests).
Also, cf helps you increase speed. Whereas contests like long challenge, helps you learn new concepts.
So both are good in their own ways.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m 1692 on CF but just 4* on CC :frowning_face:

Also i think CC Div 1, first two problems are tougher than CF Div 2

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That’s because you’ve participated in just 1 contest uptill now


Codechef + Codeforces is much better as timing of the rated contests never collide.


Yes, I know. And I also know that my rating will decrease :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven’t been to Codechef div 1 so far in long challenge so I cannot speak for them.

I would say the cook offs are probably about the same level (even though I don’t give them here)

I think CF div 2 question C would be at par with 4th question of long challenge. (In a easy to moderate long challenge)

the 2nd and 3rd questions (assuming its not like that long challenge where we had CAMC and PHCUL that was relatively more difficult I think) are usually like between A and B div 2 questions.

From 5th question onwards in div 2 long challenge is probably anywhere above codeforces div 2 D and onwards or probably harder.

Just my opnion, I am pretty much a novice myselves.

I wonder what’s in CF div 1 :face_with_monocle:

Just take part in one more contest :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

@hari_2666 I have seen 6 star coder on cc being pupil on cf.


Yes, I will take part in upcoming April fool contest.

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