competitive coding V/S placement

competitive coding V/S placement
hi,i am an engg student of IT branch currently i am in third sem.
my question is how much coding should you know?
is there something like if you are good at these things then you are ok,the rest(placement) will depend upon your skills in the development you choose.

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in my opinion competitive programming is a must have thing in one’s life if he want to go in IT sector.

as all the companies have a trend to recruit newcomers/freshman.

first they take aptitude and coding round

secondly they take technical round

and finally their is an HR round

so if you are good in competitive programming then you can clear coding round and most of technical round with ease.

hope you are satisfied

happy coding : )


Competitive Programming and Placement go hand in hand! If you want to prepare for a product based company then Competitive programming is a must to do. If you are preparing for service based company,it will be better to focus on OOPS,aptitude + a bit of competitive as well.I mean they wont ask you segment tree if you are sitting for a service based company but obviously its a plus point.After doing competitive,you will feel much more confident for coding questions and interviews.So,choose the topics wisely according to the company you are preparing for.Rest all is about interest :slight_smile:


There is no hard and fast rule to decide which is most important but campus placement have different scenario:

1.If you are very good at competitive programming then you have very good chances for getting selected in your placement even if you don’t have any development related project.

2.If you have good development background then you should just have a basic level of competitive programming to clear the coding round for interviews.

3.If you are average in both of these fields then your placement will depend on various other factors(academic performance,communication skills etc).

4.It also depend the company you are applying for.Some companies look for best competitive coders whereas some companies look for student with good projects.

So,choose any one of them based on your interest and give your 100 percent and manage decent academic and project work.
hope it helps!


Many companies do not take coding round after aptitude. Which companies are you talking about. Be specific.

@anon2368343 How is preparing for coding rounds different from training for competitive programming?

@ripulvohra8 How is preparing for coding rounds different from training for competitive programming?

Practice as much as possible buddy…on different different platform

I am a Final Year student. I have some interview experience and I am going to share with you.
I was never a Competitive programmer. I was into development from my first year and did well in that. I was into web development and machine learning in my 2nd and 3rd. You can check them out.
In my fourth year, I started Competitive programming and I am doing that for around 6 months.

Believe me, COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING is the only guy who will be by your side till the last minute of your Interview.

They will grind you as much as they can in interviews (only if the package is high)

Since, you are in your 3rd semester, practice as much as you can. You have a lot of time in your hand to improve yourself. :slight_smile:


many IT companies are not even aware abt competitive programming (both product and service based companies) and only few companies care abt problem solving skills
Yes there are coding rounds for placements but they are usually easy and wont require any advance algo or data struc like segment tree, fenwick tree, trie etc coz you wont hav time to implement those plus no one cares abt it
If you are preparing for placements then hackerrank, leetcode are better
Codeforces and codechef problems may require niche algos/data struc (you can see tags on practice probs)

Wow man…u r great buddy…I started programming ( not cp ) in 3rd sem ( in my 1st year I hate blue screen of turbo c and I did not make any program which is in my course, everybody says jab programming nhi krni to cs li Kyu, I want to drop from engineering ) but when I make my first program hello world and my name by help of sourabh Shukla sir lecture ( he is god for me , Jo hu unke Karan hu) I feel I am the best coder in the world, and try more more and more , after that I did hackerank in my 4th sem and 5th sem in between I have serious health issues, I started cp ( codechef) after that. And try harder , I know many people may reach 4 5 6 star in these contest which I gave total ( 22 approx) but it’s okay, koi nhi chal to rahe h na…dheere hi Sahi , rukunga nhi me , chalta rahunga…:blush::slightly_smiling_face:,so try try try bcz there is no other option…god bless , keep coding , be happy


You should better search/ask on quora…
Though here are also few decent people who had elaborated things in great way.
But yeah quora has some really nice answers which I suggest you to look at.
Sky is the limit…


Hy,is learning development really important for product based companies?

If you are a beginner in coding , then you should must practice on Geeks For Geeks. This is the only platform where you can build and understand Data Structures properly . Once you developed a good understanding then u can go for CodeChef, LeetCode etc.

Yes. Coding is the trend right now. Mostly companies test you on the basis of your Coding skills.

Sorry I didn’t ask correct question,my question is,is it compulsory to learn ML or Android Development or Web development ,for product based companies or good coding skills are enough?

Hello Sir,you can see the linkedin profile of Yash Chandnani…you will get all your answer

in good product based companies it doesn’t matter how many achievements you have in your resume, it depends only on some of the factors:

Your attitude (matters the most), your confidence, and your skill set that was need for the role you applied for.

It is not compulsion to have great CP profiles around different programming sites.

good profiles and achievements may help you to get referrals from linkedin but definitely not in interview rounds (no one even look your resume in technical rounds in good companies if you are fresher).

some good projects might help you to share some exp with your interviewer if there is dedicated project round (like in codenation).

other than that only your knowledge in data structures and the approach you taken to solve the question matters.

my advice is if you only wanted to start or do CP for placement than don’t do…better place for interview preparation will be leetcode, geeks for geeks, and interviewbit. After gaining good grasp on DS and algo you can start compete on contests but only for practice and fun or you can jump on development to gain some exp there, it will help you when you get selected and start you professional journey in some good product base company.

Note: success is not just to be selected in some good product based companies like google, microsoft, etc but to grow there as software engg.


The thing is that for placements,you should have a strong grasp on your DSA conecpts.
Competitive Coding is one great way for doing so.
However it is not the only way,I have seen a lot of people who never made a codechef/codeforces ID and just practiced Interview problems on LeetCode and got placed in good companies.
A high rating will however stand out in your resume.