COMPETITIVE COMPANION : A Chrome extension exclusively for CodeChef!

I have seen that while copying testcases on codechef the whole page below the test case gets selected this specially feels sometimes disturbing during short contests, so I have made an extension to copy all the test cases of the problem which you have opened just by clicking on the extension icon, also it acts as a bookmark when you’re not on codechef .

I have been using it from quite some time and now always feel like using it. I have published it on the webstore do give it a try, only 1KB in size.

Link : Competitive Companion

Video Overview : Youtube

Do give your suggetions below

Happy coding !!!


Damn Boi!

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Wow!! the extension really works bro

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Thanks !! :smile:

Codechef should have a “copy” button to copy testcases, It would be much more convenient. @admin


It’s working nice. I have just one request, please change the name to codechef companion or something else. There already exists a tool with same name which is widely used.


Yeah I’ll do it, actually after publishing I came to know about that extension with same name already existed.

Nice work out there bro!
Keep developing along with CP.

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looks cool…

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How do I use it? I have installed it

Pin the extension in chrome and then whenever you have opened a problem just click on the extension to copy the testcases.

Thanks !!

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thx for this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks !!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: