Competitive Math

There should be a website for competitive maths, with math problems to solve just like we do for competitive coding on CodeChef

What do you guys think about it? Please share your views.

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I don’t know about competitive math, but there does exist a website called Art of Problem Solving where people discuss about math problems (physics and chemistry also, but a lot of math.)



Competitive programming has a huge advantage over competitive mathematics, in that there is a very objective (though not always perfect) evaluation scheme - checking against a huge number of large test cases using an online automatic judge. But because most advanced math problems have proofs at their core (Project Euler problems being some of the exceptions), it brings in not just subjectivity but also the need for manual evaluation, and hence scalability takes a huge hit. That is the reason why there is a plethora of competitive programming sites, but almost no math equivalent. Maybe in the future, if frameworks like Metamath become easier to use, it could see a boost in competitive math.

That said, as @dormordo answered, AoPS is a great forum for this.


i wish math olympiad could be checked with ai then hbcse won’t take months to declare inmo results. This maybe possible in the future when the imo grand challenge is solved (
this is about a machine which can get a gold medal in imo without partial marks and it should also be able to checked by ai.


@kshitij_789 SHEBC lol :joy: .
I would gave written INMO if it wasn’t for SHEBC’s poor correctors who are too egoistic to accept anything better than their solutions.

Actually, coming to the topic, a Naives Bayes Classifier (NBC) can be used to detect handwriting, so probably it could be put to use in the future years to correct IMO papers.

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