Competitive programming best resource
this is free

will update this soon


Hey bro it will be great if you keep all these resources in organized manner i mean with proper notes that what is this video or the pdf meant for…


I know most probably I have gone through most of these.
My suggestion was that if you put in some organized manner with some description of these notes so it will be easier for anyone to grab the notes only their requirement.


thanks for suggestion bro will do this … ::smiley:

this might be usefull for reference in organizing

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thanks bro , what ever you know abou competitive programming just post here i m just beginner i know very little… it will helpful for me even …and for others too
and if you like to give me any advice , tips for programming related m very open

thanks bro once again for heart

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congrats for yours 4 star bro on codechef … :smiley: