Hi everyone I have recently started coding and had learned Python and related simple data structures such as stacks array queue priority queues etc. So how can I proceed further in Competitive Programming. Any suggestion in this regard will be highly appreciated. Also it would be better if you could possibly tell me about the resources to learn DSA with python as most of the tutorials have an implementation in C++ language

Take DSA course of either GFG or CB(Coding Blocks). Complete Data structure and algorithm from a to z. Beside that also take part in at least long challenges.

Welcome to the journey of Competitive Programming. First, develop a basic template which you are going to use while attempting any questions. Learn how to process inputs of large magnitudes. For this you can solve some practice problems in the DSA learning series of codechef.
Once you get hold of that, start solving 2-3 problems of long challenge (those have difficulty level of cakewalk and simple) and should be fairly easy to think a solution of. 3rd problem might require you to take care of some edge cases. In cook-offs and lunchtime, try to solve 1-2 problems to begin with.
Also, the key behind aceing Competitive Programming is not any DSA course or tutorial but the sheer ability of yours to think of a logic that would lead you towards an AC.
I have gathered more tips and tricks here: link


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: