Competitive to Development World

As i started my college, most of the peoples are saying, becoming a good coder is equivalent to be good at competitive programming. So i just followed the path of becoming good at CP. But after a period of time when i tried Development stuff then i realised, its totally a different game. Its like giving lots of time not on thinking a solution but on browsing a way to complete the task at hand. So what is the correlation among both of these things? And how to be more focussed on development work after gaining a good experience in CP. As will to see those green ticks with AC attracts again and again back to CP. Anyone have some views regarding the same, then please share.


CP helps into your initial coding round which is very important , also in today’s scenario companies gives the responsibility to hackerrearth or hackerrank and u know what they just give random unbalanced questions to users , one user may get simple array problem other may get BIT , or digit DP , and they shortlisted by this thing , so I just waana say if u r capable enough then please do both things . If u r good in CP (DSA means) , and development too then it’s more better , like sone pe suhage wali baat .

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