[compilation error][unknown] Can someone help me in removing this unknown compilation error.

I am facing unknown compilation from today. It was not the case yesterday. I’m attaching screenshots of my error. Please Help.

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alt text

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alt text

have u tried #include ??

because a windows header file (WinDef.h) defines two macros min and max which may result in conflicts and compiler errors so try this soln of including algorithm.h

give ideone link

refer this link if u need more help…

I tried including #include .

Also #include <algorithm.h> - No header file exist.

This error is due to basic_string.h which I have not included in my file. But still causing error.

If the brackets don’t all match up, the result is a compile time error. The fix to this compile error is to add a leading round bracket after the println to make the error go away: int x = 10; System.

Rachel Gomez