Compile Error in Java

When I Compiled a code in my IDE it didn’t give any error but when I submitted it here it is giving a compilation Error with message “the class name should be”

is SummerHeat name of the question for which you are submitting the solution



How many Times can i submit a Solution to a problem.

then you have to change the parent class name to the name of the question. Bcz here ( on codechef ) it is saved as the name of the question ( for eg: ). And it is mandatory in java that your file name and the parent class name should be of the same name.


As many time you want. But some time due to heavy traffic it might show a dialogue to wait.


Getting this Error :

@kirtiraj19 Use Main in place of “SummerHeat” .

@kirtiraj19 You can rename the class name as “Main” and it should work. I would suggest using CHepler plugin for Java programmers. It easy for parsing contests and test cases

CHelper Java Plugin


Hope this helps :slight_smile: