Complete Introduction to Segment Tree by Example

Hello guys.

In the last months, I worked on a paper and a couple of problems about Segment Tree and I want to share with you this paper and a couple of implementation of problems with the Segment tree and others type of solution.

In addition, I proposed also a different type of implementation inside a repository called cpstl, a competitive programming standard library, this repository born to help people to start with a copy and past implementation of data structure and algorithms with some a test tool implementation (from an engineering point of view).

I’m happy to receive feedback about the article that is available here.

I developed also a repository with the object to implement a couple of solutions of famous problems with benchmarks with an engineering approach, and maybe it can help people that don’t want to only to solve the problem but also increase the quality of the code.
If you want, you can see the repository here, star it if you want to support my work.

In conclusion, if you want to find my proposal to implement the copy and past segment tree data structure with C++ and I hope it will be supported in other languages in the future you can found the repository here, star it if you like the work.

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My reference are: Github and twitter