Complete new to programming

Helo guys, im completely new to programming and learning python currently. Im interested in cp but i dont have any idea where to start every solutions seems to be complicated for me.
I went through most of the youtube videos i didn’t find anyone explicitly showing me path to do cp,all they say is improve algo and ds but not which algo and ds specifically for beginners.

I request you to please guide me to enjoy cp.

Just practice more and more questions from practice section of codechef,
Initially practice beginner level questions.
Happy coding journey😊

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these are the basic ones you should learn before cp

  • Basic Data Structures: Arrays, Strings, Stacks, Queues
  • Asymptotic analysis (Big-O notation)
  • Basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation)
  • Sqrt(n) primality testing
  • Euclid’s GCD Algorithm
  • Basic Recursion
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Basic Dynamic Programming
  • Naive string searching
  • O(n logn) Sorting
  • Binary Searching
    there are many more but you should start with these basic ones

Thanks bhai. I have one more question,whenever i try to solve problem and give up looking for solutions of others i come across some codes which i havent learn like different keywords,inbuilt functions which was not there in my course. How can i learn those which are majorly used in solving problems.

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Bro it will come by practice only, Suppose you solved a problem now see a solution having more efficient code , compare your code and that code ,if new keywords are there google it and try to implement it in your code . this way you’ll learn many of them (because there are thousands of keywords and u not need to learn all of them)

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