Completely solved questions are appearing in Partially solved

My Feb challenge rating has errors …
I solved 4 problems within time period but now it is showing 0 problem solved …

@rahul_qwdfvb That’s due to plagiarism MOSS

Then why his rating not dropped.
It is only a bug.

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Bro You can also see that the questions which I solved in this month contest are not even coming in
my recent activity…

Didv you use ideone?

But I use GFG ide…

I think its a false positive then. I’ve never been accused, so I don’t know how exactly it works, But you should have a mail, where you have an option to appeal. Even if you have the exact same code as someone else in snug_fit, You’ll probably still be let go, because your code is fairly generic.

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So, according to you this problem came because they thought that I have copied code from someone ???


How to mail Codechef ?
What is mail ID of Codechef ?
They will just reply you that we will update it , but its already a week and there is not any type of update…
I hope ur issue get resolved …:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Emailing at right id will let your case get solved faster.

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@rahul_qwdfvb Ratings drop after some days. Ratings will drop eventually, sooner or later.

Have you mailed codechef or asked admin about this?

i mailed here but still don’t get any reply

When did you mail? Mails after the designated time will be answered tomorrow.

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ok then.
i mailed to two days ago
and also mailed to yesterday

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I mailed two day ago,but didn’t get any update regarding the issue till now.

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I said you’d get it today so at least wait till tomorrow morning or late tonight.

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The MOSS admin replied to all emails, but he said he couldnt find your and @rishi2020 email. Please forward the email your email reply or any email you sent to codechef for MOSS admin to me.