Comprehensive Resource Guide for Competitive Programming

There have been so many questions from so many people regarding CP and how to practise, so I thought I’ll make a comprehensive video demonstrating the major resources to prep / practise from in one in order to help people :slight_smile:

Video: Comprehensive Resource Guide for Competitive Programming and Interview Preparation!!! - YouTube

Let me know how you found it!!

CCDSAP: Learn Data Structures and Algorithms | DSA tutorials | CodeChef
Learn DSA: Contest Page | CodeChef
Learn DSA Series YT: CodeChef DSA Learning Series - YouTube
CSES: CSES - CSES Problem Set - Tasks
Junior Training Sheet: Training roadmap for newcomers - Codeforces
Sameer’s list of algorithms:
CP Handbook:
CP - 1 , 2:
Codeforces EDU: Courses - Codeforces
USACO guide training site: Introduction to DP
William Fiset: Data Structures Easy to Advanced Course - Full Tutorial from a Google Engineer - YouTube
Second Thread: SecondThread - YouTube
Errichto:Errichto - YouTube
Kartik Arora: Kartik Arora - YouTube
Morass: Problem Topics - Codeforces
(Also check out Vplanet , Galen, William)

This awesome list:

Interview Prep


Patterns: Leetcode Patterns

ADJA’s site:

Techdose:Techdose - YouTube


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