Concerns regarding Kanpur Regionals

Keeping in mind the recent events in UP, specifically Kanpur, how safe is it to travel to Kanpur for the contest? People opting for flights may have to travel from Lucknow to Kanpur by road, which raises even more concern for safety.
Besides, I’m not exactly aware of the internet situation at Kanpur, but I’m sure there are no guarantees. Can’t host a contest without internet!


Did someone try to contact anyone from the organising institute?

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One can easily organise a regional without internet so that shouldn’t be an issue.

As far as internet is concerned. Ban on internet services was lifted few days ago. Internet is working fine in kanpur.

While travelling from lucknow airport to bangalore airport. I realised jio sims shows internet is banned in lucknow but airtel mobile data was working fine.


Please do updae here if you find something out about the situation .