Confirmation Mail

Can anyone tell me how long after release of selected team names the corresponding teams receive confirmation email?

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This is from Amritapuri site :

Confirmation of participation shall be done by Monday, the 20th of November by entering your team details in the link sent to you by email. You will receive the link by Saturday, the 18th.

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Has anyone received the confirmation email ???

And here, we are not sure about Site, Kanpur or Kolkata..
Hope soon will get the confirmation mail.

Here’s the link posted on Official Site (Amritapuri Site).

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In the amritapuri preference filling form, it’s mentioned that we need to provide our email id registered with the baylor site. Is it our personal email id that they are asking for or the coach’s email id(who registered for us)?

For Kanpur/Kolkata, the assigned onsite is specified for each team.

Visit :


is we have to do the confirmation like Amritapuri site that we are coming for Kolkata-Kanpur Site after got selected for Kolkata-Kanpur Site??

You can find the form on their respective sites.

Do we have to fill the form given on the site only?I have not received any mail yet.

Can anyone help me find Gwalior’s Onsite Regional form. I didn’t get any confirmation email from the site.

Did anyone get confirmation email from amritapuri site since it is given in the site that confirmation mail will be sent by 20

nope! Not yet

I have emailed them about this.

Thanks. Let us know if you get a reply


@sid_somani Contestant’s email is enough.


Its updated on their website yesterday night. Have a check .

Can you give the link on which I can find the form for Kanpur ?

Same here i too didn’t get it yet