Confused about starting my coding Journey

This thread might be a bit long but i’m trying to cover all points so that everyone is able to guide me better instead of giving generalized statements…
My college starts in a month. I have Python and Java in the first year. I wanna make sure my concepts are crystal clear so after a lot of reading and recommendations from ppl, I have started with C and have gotten atleast intermediate or average level in it (No DSA). My main goal right now isn’t placement. I want to have my basics clear to build on it later.
It would be amazing if I can contribute to GSoC in the first year itself but it’s not a compulsion.

  1. Should I move on to Python/Java or go in for C++ ?
  2. When do I know I have enough command on a language to move on to a different one (while obviously staying in touch with the original one)?
  3. Which language should I start DSA on?
  1. switch to Java or Python, it will be better for college
  2. there are no rules to switching. Generally you will switch when you feel either the need or motivation to use something else. Switching between similar languages is easy as well.
  3. use either Java or Python. Preferably the language you will use more heavily and write tests in.
  4. don’t overcomplicate the learning process. You learn languages by using them. Try to stay motivated and don’t get discouraged, because starting is hard. Also feel free not to follow the ‘optimal road’. It is fine to check out other stuff even if it does not give you immediate advantages.