confused need help plzz

actually i m just a begginer in coding n i know the basic programs only i m ot able to understand the programs what should i do to do something good in programming as i want to do good in this feild plzz help me

Read this -

You can try this also -

If you are confident that you can solve basic easy level problems on this platform then start with this workshop:

Try to participate in as many as contests, you can find them here:

Almost after every 2 or 3 days there is a contest, try to understand what is written in problem statement, what message author need to convey there, at this stage it is more important to analyze problem statement and then think of some relevant algorithm, and then try to implement them. if you fail don’t worry check the solutions after contest, try to understand what others did to get AC, that this way you can learn a lot…

**It is a suggesting to CODECHEF admin that they should organize a workshop based on difficulty level, and also include some easy questions in beginner zone where there should be no time limit, so that even worst case algorithm can pass the problem, so that new coders can feel encouraged, and boost their enthusiasm.

WELCOME TO CODECHEF!! :slight_smile:

thanks it really helped

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