Confused regarding preparation

I am going to start my preparation in Competitive Programming. I know some basic C++ (printing, loops, if and else statements).

Queries :

  1. I feel I need to study a bit more advanced C++ things like structs, memset, pointers, iterators and all. Can someone give a nice place to learn these stuff from ? (I’m preparing for INOI so if anyone can tell me things related to it, I’d be happy.)

  2. I am confused as to what book to use for CP :- I have CP3 Book by Steven and Felix Halim and I also have Competitive Programmer’s handbook by Antti Laaksonen. Which one should I use?

  3. Once I read a chapter in either of these books, which website (Codeforces, SPOJ,etc.) has good problems to solve ? I’d prefer Codeforces, so can anyone tell me if a beginner can practice in Codeforces.

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Somebody please… I’m new help me :pensive:

Their is a link on the front page of codechef "New to programming …don’t know where to start "
go to that page and start studying compete in long contest look the editorials after contest . CP is a sport you will get better if you practice more .Also if you have a friend who does competitive programming ask him about errors in online coding like SIGBRT and others it really bugged me during my first days in CP

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Dobara mat poochna.

IMO, it is too early for you to use books. Just do the series here:
Finish this series and just bridge gaps.

Plenty of youtube videos around too. Save books for later. This is my opinion, of course.

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