Confusion about gregorian calendar

i cannot understand the logic behind gregorian calender. can anyone help me out?

If you search it on google you will get tons of help and explanation. So, searching google will help you more instead of posting here. :slightly_smiling_face:
You can search google by typing this(without inverted comma): “What is the logic behind gregorian calendar?”

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Gregorian calender means calendar in which the 100th year is non leap year whereas 400th year is leap year.
It mean if we start gregorian calendar from year 1 then year 100,200,300, will be non leap year and 400 will be leap year.
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Gregorian calendar is the English calendar (Months start from Jaunuary, till December).

If you don’t know, every 4th year is a leap year.
Similarly, every 100th year is a non-leap year. (Even though 100 is divisible by 4)
And, every 400th year is a leap year. (Even though it is divisible by 100)

To know why does the calendar follow this pattern, click here (safe site).

thanks for the explanation