Confusion on asking

Hey There,
can I ask a question on forums which I think can help me in solving a problem in the ongoing contest?
The problem I want to ask is available on codechef and might help me in solving a question.

Don’t you think it is like asking permission from a teacher to cheat in an ongoing exam!?:sweat_smile::joy:

Please make it a point to always read the rules and regulations of every contest before participating in it.

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keep this in mind:
Do not ask or discuss any aspect of any CodeChefs’ problem during an ongoing contest on any other platform, online or offline.
Discussion of strategy should be avoided during the contest and postponed till the end.

are you saying that i can’t discuss “any” question while a ongoing question whether it’s in contest( which is obvious i can’t) or not. @hetp111

May be but i am not asking to look for exact solution( cheating ), i am just asking about a question which is not in contest but i think solving that can help me in solving a contest problem.
it’s similar to open book test.@anon61866802

Why are you making this so complicated, just “Don’t ask anything related to the ongoing contest”… simple as that.

Yes, you can ask about the problem since it is not part of an ongoing contest, even if it is similar to a problem in an ongoing contest.
Just make sure to search for any existing editorials, explanations before creating a new topic to avoid duplicate posts.