Confusion regarding 100% attendance prize

I am a bit confused about the 100% attendance prize in which we get 1000 laddus.
That do we have to attempt all 36 competitions in a year or just 3 competitions in a month and won’t be able to get it for another 12 months.
Please clear my confusion if anyone is clear on this.

I think you have to participate in all 36 competitions in any 12 month period. Also, you must have an accepted submission, partial or otherwise, in each one of them.


You have to have non-zero score in all 36 contests in any 12 month period.

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You have to participate in all 3 contests, and have a non zero score in each one of them over a 12 month period. Yes, @vijju123, if you miss one of the contests, you have to start anew.

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You have to participate in all the 3 competitions solving at least 1 problem (solution can be partial), for continuously 12 months in order to be able to get the 100% attendance prize.
If you fail even for a single competition you will have to start again.

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you have to participate all contest in a year not from jan. to dec. but in consecutive 12 also have to solve at least 1 problem in every contest partially solved problems are also accepted and then you will be able to claim 1000 laddus.

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And if the contest goes unrated like cook off of this time then?


Another point to be noted is that it is valid for contests starting from April 2017.

And if that poor guy misses one of the contests, the counter sets to 0 (and he has to begin anew) , right?

I believe that it is treated as normal, meaning it would be taken for 100% attendance. Though it would be better if @admin can confirm this.

@admin Please reply to what if a contest becomes unrated ?