Constraints doubt

In Code we need not include contraints ? for example if 1<=C<=7 …We should include this somewhere in our code using if statement or we should not ?

No, dont include. Test cases are made in such a way that they satisfy the constraints

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i wrote a code without including them …but i am getting partially correct answer and only one point …subtask 2 is to make use of constraints … and i am unable to do that

Then your logic fails for larger constraints. Check for some additional test cases for your code

The problem doesnt have larger contraints here…i checked with every case but no use

Please paste the problem link and your solution link to see whats wrong.

Its about ongoing challenge bro…i cant post it here

Then I can’t help much. Check your logic. It may be wrong for some base cases. Dont worry about constraints. Test cases are always according to constraints.

Okay Bro Tqsm…i will try again…