Constraints score

Drop your thoughts about the concept of constraint score in challenge problems, after minimizing the complexity of the solution to the least, i still get constraints score 0, hence Wrong Answer. The best i can beat are those subtask constraint which give only 30% score. Please suggest your views!

challenge probs don’t hav subtasks

What was the last june event, i guess it was challenge, i am not sure with the title.
But question here is about the constraint score, you’re aware of those ? Then answer about those, please !

here is the link of June long
tell me exactly which prob and if possible add screenshot

Here, it says subtask 1 and subtask 2, these were the problem, how to satisfy these subtasks, coz after running the correct solution, when i tried to submit it, cc said 0 score in constraints so Wrong Answer.

For getting 100 marks a better approach is needed…try to think some other method to minimise time…(you still play clash of clans):grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

See this !

it says wrong ans that means u r not outputting correct ans in correct format

Okay i will see that, and can you tell me about the constraint score, how they work in the question ?

you dont need to code anything special to satisfy contraints of each subtask
on codechef total 100 pts is divided into subtasks
each subtask has some conditions
if ur prog works for those cond then u will get those pts
eg in the img subtask 1 has N value frm 1 to 10^5 whereas subtask 2 has N frm 1 to 10^10^18
if ur prog gives correct ans for smaller num but gives WA or TLE or NZEC or any other type of error for bigger num then u will get score for subtask 1 only

Note:- ur prog shld satisfy at least conditions of the subtask to get its pts
i.e if u write a prog which works for bigger num then it will work for smaller num too. Hence u will get pts for both subtasks

btw this is not a challenge prob
challenge probs are diff
check SNCK99 frm JUNE19 long