Contest Rankings

Everybody of the Forum User will be well known of the “Rankings” link.
Rankings Link

The Earlier Ranking Link was Very Good that listed the “Global Rank-Indian Rank-Non Indian Rank” on the Contest Main Home Page.

Here we have to open a new link for the rankings that is pretty much uncomfortable for the rank Checkers, that have a Top Position.

@admin Tell if Codechef can Roll Bakc the new Changes!

Thanks! Happy Coding!

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Agree with him… Codechef should roll back the changes made to the Contest pages. Even the number of submissions to the problem (including the number of partial submissions) are not visible. Earlier we could easily see our rank by clicking on the “Me” option. But it is more tedious job now. We could easily see whether the question solved by us correct, partially solved or incorrect. But presently, even if the question is partially solved, it is marked with a right option. Also the announcement column should be put on the upper side as most of the times we are unable to see the changes and note that our submissions have been rejudged.
It is request to Codechef admin to roll back the changes to make the Contest page more appealing and informative…