Contest Timing



Hey guys don’t you think that contest should be at night time rather it should be either in morning or at afternoon because i think working with computers at night time can harm eyes specially those who wears spectacles including me and also many time we don’t get time at night for coding.


You can’t delete your previous submissions. It’s not supported by codechef. :slight_smile:


@binay_misra yes you are right because many of us don’t get time in night.


People from all around the world participate in the contest. So maybe it’s night in INDIA,but in other countries, maybe it’s middle of the night. To make the whole contest much more subtle-they use different time formats.


I think contest times are right. There are no contests at night. There are contests in the evening, but if you are from India - there are no CodeChef contests scheduled on 3 or 4 AM (that’s how “at night” contests actually look like, and I am used to wake up for TopCoder rounds schedules on 4 AM in my timezone).

Also time is usually picked in such a way that it is not during night for participants from Europe and for participants from USA. Changing it will lead to decreasing popularity of contests among participants from those regions (and probably a strong decrease of overall level of contests, which does not sound good).